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Timeless has played


Live Performances

Since 2016



Timeless is a Rhode Island-based band performing hits from the 1950s to today. Established in 2016 as a teen band,  Timeless has spent years honing its sound.  


Founding members Cross Pistocco, Nicolas Williams, and Ja-Mere Pina have been joined by various players over the years, with David Rausch coming aboard in 2019 by responding to a flyer posted at Rhode Island College.  In the summer of 2022, the band was playing at Venda on Federal Hill, when a parking attendant heard them and decided to write his contact information on a parking stub and pass it to the band.  Soon thereafter that parking attendant, Daniel Gibson, became Timeless' lead guitarist.  

Over the years, the boys have played venues throughout the northeast, including Bally's Twin River Casino, Hard Rock Boston, Ballard's Block Island, Depascuale Square on Federal Hill, Providence, Sotheby's New York, as well as countless public and private events, weddings, and parties.

Timeless plays music from throughout the rock era, from Johnny Cash and the Beatles to Chris Stapleton and Morgan Wallen. Visit the Setlist Songs page to view the breadth and depth of our live repertoire.  In addition to covers, Timeless is also working on new original music.​

Timeless provides a fun and energetic atmosphere in venues small and large with music you can sing and dance along to. The band is available for various events, including restaurants, bars, parties, weddings, events, and everything in between.

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Left to Right: David Rausch (saxophone, keyboards, vocals), Daniel Gibson (lead guitar), Cross Pistocco (lead vocals, guitar, bass, drums), Nicolas Williams (drums, vocals, guitar), Ja-Mere Pina (bass, vocals).

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