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     Timeless is a band based in Rhode Island performing hits from the 1950’s-1990’s. Established in 2016 as a teen band, Timeless has always been playing songs much older than its members from artists such as The Beatles, Eagles, Johnny Cash, and Billy Joel. Additionally, the band performs new favorites from artists such as Chris Stapleton, Morgan Wallen, John Mayer, and more. Visit the song list page to view the full set list. In addition to covers, Timeless is also working on new original music.

     Timeless has played at many venues and local stages including Hard Rock Boston, Ballard’s Inn, Depasquale Square, Sotheby’s NYC, as well as countless parties, weddings, and events. Timeless has received much praise from listeners with their song selection and presence. People love to hear the songs they know so well, and it means much more to be played by young musicians.

     Timeless provides a fun and energetic atmosphere with music you can sing and dance along to, and with these classic songs you will know all the words. The band is available for a wide variety of events including restaurants, bars, parties, weddings, events, and everything in between. Visit our contacts page for booking inquiries and more information

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